SPECIAL REPORT: WITNESS TO WAR : Memoirs From the Battle Front, the Diplomatic Front and the Home Front : SMART BOMBS/CHEMICAL WARFARE

What was learned:

* Ultra-high-technology weapons such as "smart-bombs" and cruise missiles managed to hit military targets without damaging civilian sites nearby.

* Unguided "dumb" bombs were no more effective than in past wars in attacking point targets such as bridges or tanks.

* Patriots are very effective in homing-in on the body of an incoming Scud or similar tactical ballistic missile. But you can't count on it to destroy the warhead.

What is still Unknown:

* Why Iraq never used its chemical and biological weapons against allied troops, even though it had them in ample supply.

* What the actual rate of accuracy of the U.S.' "smart" weapons was.

* How well the chemical protection suits used by American forces would have worked had Iraq used these weapons.

* Whether Iraq would have been able to mount chemical weapons on Scud missiles.

* Whether Iraq still possesses any Scud missiles, and if so, how many.

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