Reputed Gang Member Wounded by Officer

A police officer shot and wounded a reputed gang member who allegedly pointed a gun at him in a San Pedro parking lot, authorities said Friday.

Harry Bedder, 22, was shot in the shoulder about 9 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot of the Bank of America at 9th Street and Pacific Avenue, Detective Dennis Payne said. Payne said the incident began when officers at the Police Department’s Harbor Division received a report that a man was “brandishing” a gun outside the bank.

Officers Raymond Garbin and Christopher Gerst, both 24, were sent to the scene and saw Bedders running away with the gun. “Garbin identified himself as a police officer and ordered Bedder to stop,” Payne said. Instead, Bedder “turned and began to point his handgun toward Officer Garbin,” Payne said. “The officer, fearing he would be shot, fired two rounds.”