Language Plan Has Good Intent

I am a junior attending St. Anthony High School in Long Beach. In my opinion as a young African-American, the Bellflower Unified School District's plan to group all students who speak limited English at a separate school is not racist (Times, March 3). I believe that is not an attempt to segregate, but an attempt to thoroughly educate. I agree that the plan will separate the non-English-speaking people from the English-speaking people. I feel that the non-English-speaking people should be separated, so they can receive adequate help and attention.

Some people are worrying about the balance in ethnic groups in school systems. People should be worrying about thorough education. I feel that ethnic balance is not always important in education, because education does not come in any particular ethnic group. I know segregation was commonly found long ago. We must let it remain in the past.

I hope Bellflower Unified School District's plan will succeed. Again, I believe this is not an attempt to segregate, but to "thoroughly" educate.


North Long Beach

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