Poland’s Debt

Thank you, President Bush, from Poland for canceling $2.7 billion of debt and promising an additional $470 million for next year’s loan. Thank you, President Bush, from Saudi Arabia for canceling over $7 billion in debt last year. Thank you, President Bush, from the remaining Middle East nations, from the Latin American nations and all the other nations to whom you have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars, knowing full well they will never be repaid.

But no thanks, President Bush, from the millions of Americans across this nation who are homeless, hungry and in need of medical care. And no thanks for your “kind and gentle” philosophies being spread by your “thousand points of light” which have fallen everywhere except on the United States.

Unfortunately, it’s these same “generous” philosophies we will probably have to live with through 1996 much to the detriment of the elderly and a major portion of less affluent citizenry.



Van Nuys