Mayor Wants Durslag on the Bandwagon

I thought that Mel Durslag would join the rest of us in expressing delight with our successful effort to win the 1993 Super Bowl for Southern California. Instead, Mr. Durslag wrote the astoundingly uninformed column (March 23) complaining that the 1993 Super Bowl game should be held in the Coliseum instead of the Rose Bowl.

Mr. Durslag apparently doesn’t know that the Coliseum will be in the midst of a full-scale, $200-million renovation in January, 1993, and will thus not be available for the Super Bowl. Surely Mr. Durslag’s memory is good enough to remember our recent winning battle to retain the Raiders. Because we won this battle, the renovated, state-of-the-art Coliseum will be ready to hold Super Bowls for decades to come.


Mayor of Los Angeles


Editor’s note: Mr. Durslag’s column was based on the premise that the Super Bowl in January, 1993, easily could have been played in the Coliseum before the start of any renovation.