Pros, Cons on Galanter

The primary election is less than two weeks away. Campaign rhetoric is to be expected, but I am offended by stories such as “Galanter Tells Builders: Wait Until After Election” (Times, March 14).

Unless readers spend time sorting through the sour grapes and reading between the lines, we undoubtedly will misunderstand what is being written. This kind of journalism comes across as underhanded, and it does a disservice to the candidate--in this case, incumbent Ruth Galanter.

What is so unreasonable about not wanting to deal with developers in the midst of a campaign? Your article makes it appear that Galanter is ducking the issue now so she can OK the proposal later. Common sense dictates holding proposals in abeyance until there is more time to study the project as well as its possible impact on the surrounding area. She deserves credit for that stance; instead, you seem to be raking her over the proverbial coals.

The article referred to a remark by opponent Mary Lee Gray about the “excessive development” that has taken place during Galanter’s term. It should be pointed out that most of this was already in place or under way as a result of Galanter’s predecessor, Pat Russell.


Galanter’s term in office has changed that course toward more residential development--a step which should certainly be considered an improvement. She has managed to scale down the size and commercial aspects of the Playa Vista project, and she has increased the amount of acreage that will be preserved in the Ballona Wetlands.

She also has saved an additional 108 acres of a fragile ecosystem in the El Segundo Dunes. This area, like the wetlands, is an irreplaceable resource that will now be protected.

There will always be disagreement about the way things are done, but Ruth Galanter’s vision and guidance over the past four years have made a difference. I’d hate to think where our communities would be today without her. The Times could do us all a favor by putting less bias and more objectivity into its reporting.


Playa del Rey