Knapp's Firing a Loss for Cerritos Citizens

I have lived in Cerritos since 1969. During this period of time, I have seen it grow and prosper to become an outstanding city--perhaps one of the most well-managed cities in the state.

The expertise and experience of Gaylord Knapp, in large part, is responsible for the managed growth and fiscal soundness of our city. During his 18 years of service, we have had no city tax and actually have a financial reserve. What more could you ask of a city manager?

I served for eight years on the Cerritos Planning Commission and witnessed firsthand Mr. Knapp's capabilities and leadership. I was appalled when I heard that the Cerritos City Council fired Mr. Knapp. I believe he always considered the best interests of the city and the citizens as first and foremost.

I believe Mayor Ann Joynt and Councilman Paul Bowlen have worked diligently to undermine the work of Mr. Knapp and the city staff since their election to office because of their feelings of self-importance.

The council certainly has every right to fire and hire the city manager. But this firing was unethical and certainly for the wrong reasons. The citizens of Cerritos have suffered a loss!



BACKGROUND Cerritos City Manager Gaylord F. Knapp was dismissed by the City Council on March 6. He is contesting the firing, however, and has exercised his right to have a public hearing before the council. The hearing is set for 7 tonight in the council chamber at City Hall, Bloomfield Avenue at 183rd Street.

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