Hopes for End to Differences Over Health Clinic Site

We are aware of the difficulties in funding now being faced by local and state governments and the cuts in service suffered by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. For this reason, especially, we hope that the present differences between the three cities as to the relocation of Tri-City Mental Health Clinic will be speedily resolved.

Too much dissension could conceivably lead to a county takeover, and we could expect very little in the way of county services for our mentally ill citizens at this time if the county were forced to take over the service.

The Tri-City director has been forced by deficiencies in the present location and an uncooperative landlord to come up with a plan for a new location. His plan sounds like a step up for the clinic. Close to the center for medical care in Pomona, in what has become a location of choice for health-care providers, it should lead to increased referrals and a better image for Tri-City. Claremont and La Verne city council members have approved the move. It is our hope that, after a careful review of the plan and with the provision of safeguards for the three cities' treasuries, the city of Pomona will decide that this is a wise move.

RUTH THOMSON, president


Mental Health Study

League of Women Voters

of Claremont

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