Kevin Mitchell, Knocked Down and Hit, Goes After Bruce Hurst


Kevin Mitchell charged the mound after pitcher Bruce Hurst first knocked him down with one pitch and then hit him with another in the fourth inning at San Diego.

The San Francisco Giants’ slugger went after the Padre pitcher as players from both dugouts poured out on the field.

No damage was done, but Mitchell, who hit his second home run in two games in the second inning, was ejected.


Mitchell became upset when the first pitch he faced in the fourth was high and inside and knocked him down.

He glared at Hurst, they had a few words and then Mitchell advanced toward the mound. But umpire Bob Davidson stepped in front of Mitchell and, when the benches emptied, quickly restored order.

But after the next pitch hit Mitchell in the foot, he raced to the mound, knocked Hurst down and was tackled by Fred McGriff. McGriff later hit a home run to help the Padres win, 4-3.