PLATFORM : A Solid Foundation

A year ago today, the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, 200 million people in 141 countries launched the “decade of the environment.”

Earth Day 1990 set out to persuade people that--in addition to political action--their lifestyle choices and consumption habits matter.

Earth Day’s most popular bumper sticker was a feisty, “Who says you can’t change the World?” Recent polls indicate that this message sank in. The number of curbside recycling programs have grown by 90%, and people are shopping for more environmentally sound products as well.

Earth Day 1990 taught the public that being an environmentalist requires more than simply sending an occasional check to an environmental organization. And it taught environment, government and business leaders not to underestimate the willingness of the public to get involved. That’s a pretty solid foundation on which to build a Green Decade.