Supports Malibu High

Congratulations to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education for approving a plan to open a high school in Malibu (Times, April 18). As a former resident of Malibu, I have never understood why students who live in such an extremely affluent community should have to go all the way to Santa Monica to attend high school.

Those who believe that a high school in Malibu could only hurt Santa Monica High School are being shortsighted and thinking only about money and not about the students involved. Adding a small number of high school students to the already-established Malibu Park Junior High School, and perhaps thereby adding additional students to the district's rolls, should have little financial impact on the district.

I applaud the school board members for their courage in the face of those who threatened to recall them if they voted in favor of a Malibu high school.


Pacific Palisades

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