Story on Mark Keppel High Students 'Made Us Furious'

Half of the students at Mark Keppel go off campus for lunch, but only a small group of them actually come to the 7-Eleven to get lunch. It shows that Mark Keppel is getting a bad reputation because of a small group.

Not every student that attends Mark Keppel is a smoker and likes to hang out at 7-Eleven. There are other remarkable students who perform outstandingly in school, but Mark Keppel is not recognized with a good reputation. Because Mark Keppel is an open campus, the students are able to support the community in which they are living. Mark Keppel should remain an open campus.

Actually, there are burglaries in the surrounding area of Mark Keppel, but is this the only area that has burglars?

We want the community to know the real Mark Keppel High. In this year's graduating class, there are students being accepted to MIT and Caltech. Mark Keppel is a school full of educational opportunities that get students ready for college.

The students should not be accused for the burglaries and robberies that happen in the areas around the school.


Monterey Park

(and other students)

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