Bellflower : 2 Commissions Disbanded to Trim $5,000 From Budget

The Bellflower City Council this week axed the Human Services Commission and Public Transit Advisory Committee to save $5,000 this fiscal year.

The responsibilities of the five-member Human Services Commission will be transferred to the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the duties of the five-member Bellflower Public Transit and Advisory Committee will be switched to the Traffic and Safety Commission.

Assistant City Administrator Mike Egan said the move was necessary because city expenses have gone up, but revenues have remained stagnant.

“I think that (the city) is going to discover that there’s going to be a lot of belt pulling-in,” Mayor William J. Pendleton said. “Right now (the city) needs to cut it to the bone as close as we can.”


Members of the disbanded committees were paid $35 a meeting. The Human Services Commission met six times a year and the Public Transit Advisory Committee 12 times a year. Most of the board members have full-time jobs elsewhere or are retired.

To drum up new revenue, the city approved an ordinance that would raise the current dog license fees from $14 to $20 for neutered dogs and $5 to $10 for other dogs. The ordinance will be up for second reading and adoption May 28.