Stores to Distribute Water Conservation Kits

The Metropolitan Water District and The Broadway stores are co-sponsoring a $13-million program to distribute more than 2 million water conservation savings kits at the department store chain's 43 stores in Southern California.

Lois Krieger, MWD board chairwoman, said the program will be "the biggest urban water conservation plumbing retrofit program ever in California."

The kits contain low-flow shower heads, toilet tank displacement balloons, directions on how to install the devices and tips for other household water-saving strategies. The printed material is in English and Spanish. Kits will be free for people who turn in older shower heads. Otherwise, the kits will cost $5, which is refundable if used fixtures are returned later.

MWD officials said a household installing the retrofit devices can save as much as 10,000 gallons of water a year.

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