Santa Monica : Clean Air Honor Awarded

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has presented Santa Monica with its 1991 Clean Air Award for Innovative Transportation Projects in recognition of the city's commitment to programs to improve the area's air quality.

The city's programs, which last year prevented 560 tons of pollutants from being spewed into the air, include:

* Cash incentives for car pools of three or more people, a guaranteed ride home service and an in-house computerized ride-share program linked to a regional commuter database.

* Transit subsidies providing tokens or bus coupons to employees who ride buses to work.

* Gift certificate incentives for employees who bicycle or walk to work for any continuous three-month period. The city provides enclosed bicycle storage lockers at four work sites for employees.

* A modified workweek schedule that is used by more than 57% of the city's employees to reduce traffic during peak commute traffic periods. The city also closes City Hall every other Friday.

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