Library Fee May Cost City Customers

As a senior citizen on fixed income living in Camarillo, I will soon be deprived of using the wonderful Thousand Oaks Library. I can not afford the new $55 charge for non-resident users.

For seven years I have been an asset to the financial well-being of Thousand Oaks. Nearly all my shopping dollars have gone to business establishments within the boundaries of Thousand Oaks. So, why am I suddenly being termed a "free-loader" and therefore not entitled to free use of the library I have come to love?

I personally feel an sense of betrayal; and I will certainly abstain from future shopping in Thousand Oaks if this $55 charge is instituted.

Let's act in the spirit of our much-admired elder statesman Benjamin Franklin, who was the originator of the free lending library. It is really a definite need for people in all walks of life.

Harold Harris


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