Through Thick & Thin

A paradigm of tolerant sensibility, I see merit in both thin- and thick-crust pizza ("The Great Debate: Thick vs. Thin," June 20). Each has its own specific place in a world careening toward the bland and uniform. (There's a parallel with the Ultimate Hamburger question: Sometimes you want a burger that's elegant; sometimes you want one that trumpets its down-to-earth origins and lack of pretense.)

However, rigid anti-thicks must go. If you have never had a traditional deep-dish Chicago pizza, try one. (Pizzeria Uno is fine, and there are many others in Chicago and its suburbs.) If you have tried one and still fail to see that it has equal merit to thin-crust pizza, then may you suffer a transmission melt-down in a McDonald's drive-through lane, and be condemned to McDLTs for the duration.


South Pasadena

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