Seems Everyone's Been Playing Bike Polo

May I set the facts straight on the history of bicycle polo ("Polo on 2 Wheels," July 1)? It is not strictly true that there was no action in this earth-shattering sport between the Olympics in Shepherd's Bush, London, 1908, and the invention of Official Bicycle Polo by Lou Gonzalez and Trice Hufnagel in 1987.

Let the record show that the younger generation at the Uplifter's Club, Santa Monica, were whacking polo balls around on the green next to the (then) swimming pool from our trusty bicycles back in the '20s. We used discarded polo mallets, which we cut down to our size, and we had an exciting time of it.

So now you know: a continuum of a noble sport, being carried forward most admirably.

With the public schools lacking money for athletics, why not bicycle polo to handle youthful energy? The mallets could be made in shop, and certainly most students have bicycles. On second thought, perhaps there is also no money available for shop?

In any event, thank you for your delightful and well written report.


Beverly Hills

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