TUSTIN : Council OKs Fines for Various Offenses


The City Council this week approved a new set of fines for various offenses and hired a graffiti removal company as part of a continuing effort to improve southwest Tustin.

The fines for more than 150 violations were established after the city surveyed neighboring cities and the county and sought the recommendation of the Tustin Police Department. In the past, citations with fines were limited to vehicle-related violations, meaning that the city had to go to court to pursue other violations of local ordinances.

But under the bail schedule approved by the council Monday, a myriad of offenses will carry fines. Among them, $75 fines for indecent exposure in a public entertainment establishment, failure to disperse, and using an amplifier or loudspeakers without a permit; a $125 fine for throwing waste in the public way or on private property; and various violations of the building and sign codes and other city regulations.


The highest listed fine is $500 for the third citation for construction without a permit or entering a dangerous building.

Also approved by the council was a $15,450 graffiti-removal contract with Graffiti Removal Inc. of Commerce. Funding for the program is being provided through a $20,000 transfer from federal funds.