Coming to the Defense of Westminster High

As a parent of one of these poor little kids who are attending that terrible high school called Westminster, I take offense. I’m sure that you really do not give a fig about me or my child, but I do, and our family selected Westminster High School when we relocated here two years ago. We wish to give our children an opportunity to be successful at the adult level, in dealing with reality, and Marina High School is not real. Lots of plastic people who live in a white-bread society.

I find that kids are really a lot more intelligent about differences in people than adults are, and I am quite sure that the young man in your article is following the feeling of the adults in his home.

I know a young girl who had the same feeling about WHS, the most important one was that “all of my friends are going to Marina.” Today, she is starting her sophomore year and has a real positive attitude about WHS. But her parents have made an effort to see that her transition from junior high school to high school was easy.

Parent involvement sure goes a long way in helping the system produce strong, positive students.