Opinion: Jordan High students want you to take their view of Watts. Listen to their poem about it


To the editor: My 1st period English students and I wrote this poem hoping change people’s view of Watts. We are part of Jordan High School, located in a beautiful community in need of recognition, voice and power.

My students are the future of Watts, and they really want the generations to come to know of their community’s history and potential. I bought them T-shirts with the poem on it, and we posted the poem all over Jordan High.

My students know that their voice is the most influential tool they can use. We hope this poem changes your view of Watts too. All we wish is for our voices to be heard; the students and community of Watts crave it.


Noemy Segura, Los Angeles

We Are Watts

We are from Watts
A city where there is violence and a mixture of race
When people see the hood, all they see is gangsters

People come and go
They judge us for poverty
They be too blind
They be too terrified

Watts is not just a city where there is crime and gunshots
It’s more than what the human eye can see
It’s more than what we can believe
This city has cultura, and trabajadores

They say, don’t judge a book by its cover
And we say, don’t judge Watts for its faults
When we think of Watts, let’s think of beauty and community

We are a new generation, full of smart individuals
Watts has integrity, potential and opportunity
Let’s be proud of where we’re from
Let’s humble ourselves
And let’s say Watts is for everybody