City Council Panel Offers Its Own LAPD Reform Plan

A month after the Christopher Commission released its sweeping plan for reforming the Los Angeles Police Department, a City Council committee on Wednesday made public its own plan to “restore public trust and confidence” in the department.

The seven-point plan, drafted by the Council’s Human Resources and Labor Relations Committee, closely follows the highlights of the Christopher report. Councilwoman Joy Picus, who chairs the committee, said its proposal is intended to make “respect for human dignity” an integral component of the “organizational culture of the LAPD.”

The committee’s recommendations include imposing severe discipline for officers who use excessive force or make racist comments, changing training programs to emphasize cultural diversity, and improving community relations, including the use of focus groups and a public opinion poll to gauge community sentiment about the LAPD.

The council has referred the plan to an ad hoc committee that is studying ways to implement the Christopher Commission report.