Council Offers Reward to Find Youth’s Killers


A $10,000 reward was offered Thursday for information leading to the conviction of the killers of a Sun Valley teen-ager who was shot last month as he drove home from his job at a Burbank movie theater.

Jorge Figueroa, 17, was driving in the 8000 block of De Garmo Avenue just after midnight July 21 when a pickup truck carrying four youths pulled alongside his car, Los Angeles Police Detective Sonny Medina said. The truck’s occupants and Figueroa spoke briefly and then one of the young men in the truck bed fired four shots at Figueroa’s car, Medina said.

Figueroa, a senior at Van Nuys High School, died from one gunshot wound to the chest.


The truck was described as a black Mitsubishi with a primer spot on the right rear panel.

Medina said Figueroa was not involved in a gang, although the occupants of the truck may be. There have been no arrests.

The reward was offered by the Los Angeles City Council.