Consider Term Limits

Well, the opening salvo has been fired by Santa Monica Councilman Dennis Zane in the campaign to change the charter to pay our City Council. I guess we're to feel sorry for him that he can't make a living and be politically active.

Once again a politician is willing to work for us if we'll pay. If we made this a full-time paid position, does that mean he would never burn out? Doesn't he understand that people who hold regular jobs burn out? Perhaps it's time for a career change.

His hope that voters will pay the council so its members can stay in office longer is frightening. Isn't 17 years enough of a lock by Santa Monicans for Renters Rights? Proposition 140 and other movements to limit terms seem only to apply outside Santa Monica.

I hope residents are aware that a citizen task force was appointed by this council to review various charter provisions, such as district elections, term limits and, of course, pay for council members.

I hope the charter commission will review more than just pay. I hope it will seriously consider term limits.


Santa Monica

Editor's note: Alvarez was a candidate for Santa Monica City Council in last year's election.

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