Downey's Call on Mattingly Cuts Into Patience of Fan

I am wondering what Mike Downey wants to be when he grows up. I read his article on "Little Lord Mattingly," the "multi-million dollar baby" who is above the rules and regulations of his ball club, by having his hair trimmed. There are men who would have their ears cut off for much less money than he makes. Maybe he is a little too young to know it was the New York Yankees who lifted baseball out of the proverbial gutter and gave it some class. However, it seems to be regressing, thanks to the ilk of people such as Downey. It is obvious his "role models" are players with long stringy hair, earrings, pants stacked up around their ankles and those atrocious high-top shoes.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him crusading for six to eight chances of reinstatement for the drug abusers.



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