Votes for and Against Referendum on the Dana Point General Plan

The city of Dana Point is at a crossroads. The determination will soon be made as to whether we are to be managed by our elected officials or respond to the push-pull of a small but vocal group of rabble-rousers.

The most recent "to-do" has been a meager attempt to subject the city's General Plan to a referendum, to appear on the ballot next June. For the city to continue as a functioning entity, we need to uphold the ratification of the General Plan. We cannot afford to operate for a year without a General Plan; to do so is to cease to function.

We opted for cityhood to allow us to have more local input into our government, not to be paralyzed by it. We elected an intelligent, hard-working council. We need them to be able to make decisions and lead our city.

Citizens may continue to have input into the plan via amendments ratified at a later date. Specific needs may be addressed in the specific plan, yet to unfold. Objections may be raised at public hearings for any proposed development. These are avenues which address localized or specific neighborhood concerns without paralyzing the entire city. The petitioners had their chance, luckily they botched it. Now let's get on with life in a functioning city.


Capistrano Beach

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