West Covina : Drops in Bucket Pay Off


West Covina has received a $65,270 check from the Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District for the city’s water conservation efforts.

From February to June the city’s 7,000 customers used 38% less water than they did in the same time period in 1989.

Anthony Fellow, president of the water district’s governing board, presented the check Monday to Mayor Richard Jennings as an incentive payment.


Under guidelines set by the Metropolitan Water District, the city was required to reduce consumption by 20%, compared with 1989 levels. That meant the city’s customers had to use a combined total of 660 less acre-feet of water. They reduced usage by 1,317 acre-feet.

The city will also get a rebate of $13,711 for July cutbacks. The payment will appear as a reduction in the city’s July water bill.