Golf Speed-Up in Works

Golfers at Griffith Park who complete their rounds in less than 4 1/2 hours will be rewarded, while some slower players may be asked to leave the course under a program adopted this week by the Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Parks.

The program, which will raise golf fees by 50 cents, is aimed at decreasing congestion at the park’s Wilson Golf Course. The additional money will pay for employees who will monitor the 18-hole course and counsel patrons on proper play.

Golfers who complete the course in under 4 1/2 hours will be given bonus coupons. Those who get four coupons can receive a free round of golf, free driving range time or a free beverage. Golfers who the monitors determine are too slow will be counseled on proper play. If they continue to slow down play, they may be asked to leave the course. Their fees will be returned to them.

The program starts Sunday and will continue through February. It will raise golf fees to $11.50 for an 18-hole round on weekdays and $15.50 on weekends.