Brimming Reservoirs

In response to “MWD Has Too Much of a Good Thing--Reservoirs Brimming” and “MWD Halts Water Conservation Rewards, Reduces Some Prices,” Metro, Aug. 20-21:

For six months my bathroom has smelled like a urinal. For six months my showers have consisted of 30 seconds of wetting down, two minutes of soaping (sans water), and less than two minutes of rinsing, saving most of the rinse water in a huge pail to be used for the occasional flushing of toilets.

For six months one 8-ounce glass of water served for brushing my teeth both morning and evening.

Now, for two days in a row The Times tells me the Metropolitan Water District is spilling millions of gallons of water, tens of thousands of acre-feet, into “spreading grounds” because the reservoirs are too full. How do I start a movement to change the management of both the MWD and the Department of Water and Power?



Studio City