The Leading Member of .500 Club


Some Boston Red Sox statistics after 116 games:

--Overall record, 58-58.

--Against left-handers, 15-15; right-handers, 43-43.

--On grass, 47-47; on artificial turf, 11-11.

--In day games, 19-19; at night, 39-39.

--Runs scored, 507; runs allowed, 507.

--Home runs at home, 52; home runs allowed at home, 52.

Trivia time: What was Lou Gehrig’s highest salary with the New York Yankees?

Speaking of polls: Sports section reader Rod Renner of Vista, on when to read Part A of the newspaper: “When I see Iowa Preflight and the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in (football’s) top 10, then I’ll know I’d better look at Page 1.”

It’s OK, Coach: Eddie LeBaron, a quarterback who played in 1946 under legendary Amos Alonzo Stagg at College of the Pacific, recalling Stagg’s 99th birthday party at the Stockton Lions Club in 1962:


“He got up and started telling a story, but he couldn’t remember part of it. He got a little upset with himself and said to everyone: ‘Darn it, why is it I can remember what happened in 1900, but I can’t remember what happened yesterday?’ ”

Happy birthday: Ted Williams is 73 today.

Who dat dancin’?: New Orleans Saint owner Tom Benson is known for dancing--usually with an umbrella--in the Superdome after his team wins.

He says he still plans to boogie after victories, even though the celebration could cost him serious money. NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has issued stringent rules governing postgame celebrations.

Benson said he asked Tagliabue if his dancing will be permitted. “He told me: ‘Well, if the Saints can afford the fine. . . . ‘ “ Benson said.

Benson said he told Tagliabue he danced only after victories, and Tagliabue replied: “Well, just win every game, and you’ll have full houses and can afford the fine.”

Looking back: A protest was filed over an Aug. 16 Morning Briefing trivia item stating that the two sports in which you must go backward to win were tug-of-war and rowing. Scott Freshman of Studio City cites another: swimming the backstroke.


Protest denied: The backstroke is an event, not a sport.

Trivia answer: $39,000, in 1938.

Quotebook: Heavy-set Herman Mitchell, Lee Trevino’s caddie, on what he likes best about the Senior PGA Tour: “The carts. Lee and I have a deal. He walks, I ride.”