It Is Fundamentally Wrong for Strawberry to Criticize Teammates

Let me get this straight. Darryl Strawberry talks about doing the little things necessary to win and criticizes a teammate for failing to make a play in the field? Darryl Strawberry tells players to stop worrying about how much they’re going to make next year and start worrying about this year’s divisional race?

Am I missing something here?

Is this not the same Darryl Strawberry who virtually phoned in the first 100 games this year (with all the appropriate excuses, of course)? The same Darryl Strawberry who sulked, moaned and whined throughout the last season with the Mets about his contract? The same Darryl Strawberry who disappeared during every close pennant race with the Mets and who quit on his team the final two weeks of last season when they still had a chance to win? That Darryl Strawberry?

Good. I just wanted to make sure.



Los Angeles