Monday’s Comparison Draws A Raspberry

During the (Aug. 19) game between the Dodgers and the Padres, announcer Jerry Coleman brought up the fact that there are few players in the league who can actually carry a team. He then alluded to the fact that Fred McGriff had grown into that role for the Padres and McGriff reminded him of Darryl Strawberry. But co-announcer Rick Monday did not like the comparison. Monday said, “You cannot compare Strawberry to McGriff. Strawberry has had an erratic season, whereas McGriff has had a good month.”

Did Monday actually mean to say: McGriff has had a good season and a great month? Who knows?

But Rick, maybe you might want to review your notes after the three-game sweep of the Padres by those Dodgers. The “erratic” Strawberry merely went eight for 11, hit three home runs, drove in 10 runs--one more home run and one fewer RBI than the entire Padre team mustered against L.A.--and he has hit more home runs than anyone in baseball since the All-Star break.

Perhaps Strawberry will “carry” his team into the playoffs while McGriff may manage to “carry” the Padres away from the cellar.