Parents Rumble Over Football, Little League

It was the Jets and a rumble at the South El Monte City Council meeting Thursday, when five sheriff's patrol cars pulled up at 8:45 p.m.

About 50 middle-aged parents--some involved in the city's youth football league, the Jets, and others from the city's Little League--were pushing and shoving each other. The fracas arose after the council voted to let the Jets scrimmage at the same park where the Little League plays.

No one was injured. But Joe Morales, a baseball partisan, made a citizen's arrest of Roseanne Angel, a Jet supporter. Angel, in turn, arrested Morales. Both claimed misdemeanor assault. Angel's husband, Richard, said Friday that he wanted both sides to drop the charges. "The thing was between (Morales) and I," he said. "We're two grown men and adults and we should settle this in an adult way."

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