Health Care Organizations Attuned to Pets

North County Humane Society & SPCA 2905 San Luis Rey Road Oceanside Calls: 757-4357 Notes: Provides animal adoption and animal control services for Oceanside only. North County Animal Control 2481 Palomar Airport Road Carlsbad Calls: beach areas, 438-2312; inland, 746-7307 Notes: Provides services for adoption, strays and licensing. Serves most of North County, except Oceanside and Escondido. Escondido Humane Society and Animal Control 3000 Las Palmas Ave. Escondido Calls: 745-4362 Notes: Adoption and animal control for Escondido only. Pet Assistance Foundation Calls: 436-0721 Notes: Volunteer referal service for spaying and neutering of pets owned by low-income families. San Diego County Animal Advocates Calls: 940-1450 Notes: Volunteer rescue service for domestic cats breeding in the wild and creating problems for residents and businesses. Mercy Crusade Calls: 278-1745 Notes: Volunteer organization that assists low-income families with veterinary expenses. Friends of County Animal Shelter Calls: 454-4484 Notes: Volunteer organization that works primarily on pet adoption. Also provides some medical assistance. San Diego County Veterinary Medical Assn. Calls: referrals, 461-4523; rabies clinic schedule, 466-3400 Notes: Acts as a referral service for veterinary and rabies information.

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