NEIGHBORS : Parlor Tricks : Three seafood restaurants in the county share the same name and logo. But since being sold off, they no longer share a common owner.


A recent Ventura County Life restaurant review seems to have boggled the minds of some patrons.

The article concerned a restaurant in Oxnard called the Seafood Parlor and Saloon--not to be confused with the restaurant in Thousand Oaks known as the Seafood Parlor and Saloon or that restaurant in Camarillo known as, um, the Seafood Parlor and Saloon.

But confused they have been.

Here’s the story:


This guy named Russ Duplain owned all three establishments until about 1 1/2 years ago, when he sold them off, each to a different buyer.

So now, despite having the same name and even the same logo on the buildings’ exteriors, they are no longer directly related.

“When new people come in and see ‘Seafood Parlor’ they ask, ‘Is it a chain?’ ” said Mary Hunt, co-proprietor of the Camarillo version.

“Until they ask, they just assume it is.”


Hunt said she changed the logo on all materials she prints up and even has slipped “Camarillo” into the title.

So why not go all out and change the exterior of the restaurant?

“Do you know how much awnings cost?” she asked.

It’s that time of year again--yes, Coastal Cleanup time--when volunteers hit the county beaches and pick up the trash.


And what do they find?

Well, last year’s cleanup proved that the local beaches are not considered nonsmoking areas.

According to calculations done by the Center for Marine Conservation, 10,612 cigarette butts and filters were found on county beaches during that one day of cleaning in 1990.

Of course, that’s slim pickings relative to the total of 21,715 pounds of total garbage scooped up.


Some of the more unusual beach discoveries last year:

* Christmas tree lights.

* A wooden turtle masthead (found at the Naval Air Station in Point Mugu).

* An antique farm tractor tire, a window shade, a typewriter (probably chucked by a frustrated writer).


* A cigarette pack stuffed with a black address book (there’s got to be a story behind that one).

If you’d like to help collect debris at this year’s cleanup on Saturday, call the Ventura Regional Sanitation District at 658-4632 or 658-4630.

If there’s ever a World’s Longest Abbreviation contest, bet on the Seabees to win it.

Just try this abbreviation on for size: NAVFACENGCOM.


It appeared in a recent edition of a Seabee publication.

NAVFACENGCOM is short, sort of, for Naval Facilities Engineering Command.