CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS : School to Host Summer Program

The California State Summer School for the Arts will be based at CalArts in Valencia for the next three years.

The school is a four-week residential training program in the visual and performing arts, creative writing and film for high school students. It was last held at CalArts two years ago.

"CalArts has a strong commitment to activities throughout the community designed to strengthen the presence of arts in our society and education in the arts," CalArts President Steven Lavine said. "The summer school on campus is right in line with our kind of involvements."

He noted that CalArts also is involved in the Community Arts Partnership program, which teaches the arts to students throughout the Los Angeles area.

Lavine said he was impressed with the summer school when it was first held at CalArts two years ago. "There's a real commitment to teaching the arts as they're presently practiced," he said.

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