Rumors, Secrecy From Fox After Sagal Miscarriage

When Katey Sagal, who plays buxom, bonbon-chewing Peg Bundy, got pregnant, the producers of “Married . . . With Children” decided to bring her TV husband’s worst nightmare to life by writing the pregnancy into the sitcom.

But Sagal’s miscarriage two weeks ago has forced changes in their plan to create a Bundy baby. Rumors are circulating that the pregnancy story line will be dropped by making it a “Dallas"-like dream of Al’s, which will also dispense with the pregnancy of next door neighbor Marcy (Amanda Bearse). Bearse stated in an interview published last week that there will be no babies on the show this season.

Neither the producers, Columbia Pictures Television nor Fox would confirm those reports, however.

A studio spokesman said that the producers have decided not to say anything in advance of the episode that will resolve the question. Sagal is scheduled to return to work Monday, after missing four episodes. The show that will reveal what happened to her TV baby will be taped upon her return and is tentatively scheduled to air Nov. 24.