High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Boyfriends, Schools Figure in ‘Worst Nightmare’ List

“T o sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come . . . “

Shakespeare’s chilling words in Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy took on a new association many years later with their appearance in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies. In the horror-film series, teen-agers are afraid to fall asleep because it’s in their dreams that they’re likely to meet their deaths at the hand (and steel-fingered claw) of villain Freddy Krueger.

With Halloween’s witching hour nearly upon us, Hot Topics asks, “What’s your worst nightmare?”

“My worst nightmare is to make it out of high school only to fail in life.”


David Kenner, 18,

senior, Sonora

“Having all my ex-boyfriends in one room.”

Susan Asch, 16,


junior, Los Alamitos

“Being chased by school supplies forever.”

Luis Bildolosola, 14,

freshman, St. Michael’s Prep

“Saying that I’d do something for a friend and then forgetting and having them get mad at me.”

David Krinsky, 15,

freshman, El Toro

“Finding out that life was eternal.”


Natasha Chen, 17,

senior, Woodbridge

“Going to school without having any shoes on.”

Esperanza Prado, 18,

senior, Santiago

“Not being able to afford college.”

Gary Rashed, 17,

senior, Costa Mesa


“Being stalked by a psychotic killer and toyed with in a cat-and-mouse game.”

Tiffany Parker, 15,

sophomore, Valencia

“Waking up and finding myself in second grade.”

Vanessa Chepo, 17,

senior, Marina

“I was in my house and I got chased by millions of those little Hamburger Helper men.”

Randy Wilson, 15,

sophomore, Sunny Hills

“I was walking out on stage when I tripped.”

Audrey Ho, 14,

sophomore, Brea-Olinda

“Waking up to a house full of teachers.”

Herman Costa, 14,

freshman, Sonora

“My sister Allison came home with a better report card than me.”

Colleen McMillan, 15,

freshman, El Toro

“Awareness without self-consciousness.”

Alex Vaylinger, 15,

junior, Valencia

“To wake up one morning to find that ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ was canceled.”

Jennifer Fu, 15,

sophomore, Marina

“I was the tallest woman in the world and everyone was using me as a Maypole on an ice-skating rink. I was crying and crying.”

Natalie May Carter, 17,

senior, Brea-Olinda

“Waking up and finding all my teachers in my room, naked.”

Elizabeth Wagner, 13,

freshman, Sunny Hills

“I had this dream that I got attacked by our lamp. I was only 4, and I made my mom give it away.”

Jennie Wittes, 16,

junior, Los Alamitos

“My parents dying and having to live with my grandparents.”

Nick Bell, 14,

freshman, St. Michael’s Prep

“Knowing that my dreams for the future were just dreams.”

Jessica Haugh, 15,

sophomore, Woodbridge

“To never be loved and never love anyone.”

Carol Bahouth, 17,

senior, El Toro

“That I’m going to be a failure.”

Chris Anclam, 15,

senior, Costa Mesa

“Waking up and discovering that everyone has disappeared.”

Christopher Browne, 14,

sophomore, Santiago

“Falling asleep after dinner on Thursday night and missing ‘Beverly Hills 90210.’ ”

Ron Lacuata, 16,

senior, Valencia

“Every time I walked out my front door, a big monster was waiting for me. He would never let me out of my house.”

Shelly Cooper, 15,

sophomore, Sunny Hills

“My worst nightmare is being alone in a dark room not knowing what is around me.”

Kira Heuer, 17,

senior, Los Alamitos

“Being chased by Death and not having the ability to run.”

Mark Kern, 16,

senior, St. Michael’s Prep

“My worst nightmare would be if I had to go through life alone. My family and friends are very important to me.”

Monica Deaner, 16,

junior, Woodbridge

“Not being able to go to any more Poison or L.A. Guns concerts.”

Julie Lindeboom, 17,

senior, El Toro

“Finding out June 19 that I’m not graduating by half a credit.”

Kathy Smith, 17,

senior, Costa Mesa

“My estranged brother came home and had a fight with my other family members.”

Pag Soun, 16,

junior, Santiago

“There was this coffin that kept closing on me.”

Shara Cohen, 16,

junior, Sunny Hills

“I was being chased by satanic clones from hell that took the bodies of my friends and family.”

Curtis Andersen, 14,

freshman, Brea-Olinda

Next Week’s Hot Topic:

To what extent will you go to make sure you “win” at something?

Responses gathered by Brian Lee (Brea-Olinda), Edison Leung (Costa Mesa), Tiffani Chin (El Toro), Trisha Ginsburg (Los Alamitos), Gail Altman (Marina), Joseph Russell (St. Michael’s Prep), Hieu Phan (Santiago), Persephone Gonzalez (Sonora), Jedidiah Yueh (Sunny Hills), Laura Kim (Valencia) and Cheheraza Elavia (Woodbridge).