Ozzy, Tone and Barry: Three Slices of the Pop Life

I am writing about your Pop Eye items on Osbourne and Tone Loc before some anti-drug fanatic freak writes to you first. The articles did a lot of kissing up to the anti-drug sloganeering that has been going around.

I'm glad that Osbourne and Loc didn't jump on the Just Say No to Drugs bandwagon. It is just rhetoric and hypocritical bull. The anti-drug campaign is not anti-drug--it is drug discrimination.

The anti-drug campaign ignores alcohol and tobacco, which are drugs--the drugs that kill the most people. People can die from an overdose of alcohol; no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana. The nicotine in one cigarette is enough to kill a person if it is all absorbed in the bloodstream; marijuana doesn't contain a deadly poison like tobacco does.

If Osbourne shows himself drunk in a video and Loc sings a pro-marijuana song, good. They are not practicing drug discrimination or being hypocrites.


La Habra Heights

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