A few weeks ago, a contingent of Times editors, reporters, photographers and graphic artists drove up a steep hill near Simi Valley to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to take an early peek at the $56.8-million structure.

On that day, the library was mostly populated by carpenters and stonecutters and harried museum curators fighting to meet the deadline for tomorrow's dedication ceremony.

We were also getting ready for that day--planning our coverage, looking for the best photo angles, getting down the details of the floor plans and finding out as much as we could about the library and museum that will put Ventura County in the headlines this week.

You can see the start of our dedication coverage today, beginning on A1 and continuing inside the section with a full-color graphic. Tomorrow morning, we will have an exclusive poll that shows how voters now feel about Ronald Reagan and his legacy.

And when President Bush and former President Reagan meet atop that hill to formally open the library, we will be there, too. Nearly two dozen Times reporters and photographers have been assigned to bring our readers in-depth, insightful coverage of this historic event.

Julia C. Wilson

Times Ventura County Editor

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