Use Recycled Paper as Area Code Changes

In the article (Times, Oct. 13) describing some of the difficulties accompanying the changeover in telephone area codes from 213 to 310 this month, it was indicated that there will be a six-month grace period during which the old and new codes will be accepted.

The Los Angeles Solid Waste Citizens Advisory Group urges businesses, government agencies and residents in the impacted areas to use this opportunity to order recycled paper products whenever possible as letterheads, business cards and other forms imprinted with the new 310 area code are replaced. Printers should also be asked to use nontoxic, soy-based inks.

This is a change for us not only to turn in our used paper in order to keep it out of scarce landfill space, but also to complete the recycling loop--or "reduce, recycle, and reuse."


L.A. Solid Waste Citizens Advisory Group

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