Benefit Collects 6,000 Cans of Food

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Rock fans donated more than 6,000 cans of food at a benefit show for the anti-poverty agency Share Our Selves, according to one of the event’s promoters.

The promoter, Chris Fahey, said that sales of souvenir T-shirts from the Dec. 13 concert should yield an additional $300 for S.O.S. The Dickies and five other alternative rock bands drew 685 people to the show at the Costa Mesa Community Center.

Fahey said that his Rockhouse Productions and co-promoter NKOTB Productions lost some of their own money in staging the concert (the bands were paid), but having taken in substantial food aid for the poor and homeless “kind of makes up for losing money.”


However, unidentified concert-goers somehow knocked a hole in a drywall during the evening, and because of that, Fahey said, the Community Center will not be available for future rock benefits he had hoped to promote there.

“I grabbed the microphone and told (the audience), ‘Control yourself, and we can do this again.’ I guess they didn’t listen,” Fahey said.