Manning and Ellis of Clippers Are Chips Off Old NBA Block

Some father-son Clipper trivia:

Danny Manning and LeRon Ellis are the first teammates whose fathers also played together, according to NBA expert Bill Kreifeldt, the former Clipper public relations director. Ed Manning and Leroy Ellis were teammates on the Baltimore Bullets from 1967-69, and the Portland Trail Blazers during the 1970-71 season.

Had Danny Ferry, drafted by the Clippers but signed by an Italian team, played in Los Angeles, he and Manning would have been first. Bob Ferry played with Ed Manning and Leroy Ellis in Baltimore.

Add fathers: Ernie Vandeweghe played with Butch van Breda Kolff, and later Al McGuire, each of whom had sons who later played in the NBA.


Add sons: Kiki Vandeweghe played with Danny Schayes in Denver and Jim Paxson in Portland, all sons of former playing fathers.

Last add, father and sons: Kreifeldt’s NBA family tie-ins also include Wayne and Rex Chapman; Matt and Matty Guokas; Earle and Sean Higgins; Press and Pete Maravich; Al and Allie McGuire; George and Larry Mikan; Jim, Jim and John Paxson; Dolph and Danny Schayes, and Butch and Jan van Breda Kolff.

Trivia time: Houston Oiler Coach Jack Pardee played under the legendary Bear Bryant almost 40 years ago. Where?

A towering inferno?George Vecsey of the New York Times on the Shea Stadium demeanor of Kevin McReynolds, former Met outfielder, who was traded recently to the Kansas City Royals: “McReynolds acted as if he were serving a career sentence in Babel.”


Divide and conquer: Washington Coach Don James’ suggestion on how to pick the country’s top team if his No. 2-ranked Huskies and No. 1 Miami win New Year’s Day bowls?

"(Miami) could have one poll and we could take the other,” James said.

Not fit for Kings: Edmonton Coach Ted Green, discussing Oiler rivalries with the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson: “Edmonton-L.A. borders on being vicious. It’s more of an earthquake kind of a rivalry. There are strong emotions here, vibrations, a lot of snapping and yapping.”

Early dividends: Mark Carrier and Junior Seau, both of whom gave up their senior year of eligibility at USC to apply for the 1990 NFL draft, were selected last week to play in the Pro Bowl.


A Cardinal sin: St. Louis officials already are discussing nicknames for a potential NFL expansion team. The Sporting News reports that “the Phoenix” has been considered.

Beached: Marketing strategists say they wanted a mascot indigenous to the area, so they picked the Sharks for the NHL’s newest franchise in San Jose, a city located in the Santa Clara Valley and surrounded by vast amounts of land.

Trivia answer: Texas A&M; from 1953-56.

Quotebook: Skier AJ Kitt: “A good downhiller is one who skis without mistakes. It’s not an event for thick-headed musclemen.”