State OKs $11-Million SDG&E; Refund

From Associated Press

The state Public Utilities Commission approved a request Thursday from San Diego Gas & Electric Co. to return nearly $11 million to its natural gas customers, company officials said.

Approval of the utility’s $10.7-million refund plan, effective March 1, will mean an average one-time savings of $8.54 on the average residential gas and electric bill of $65.89, said Don Felsinger, SDG&E; senior vice president of marketing and resource development.

“Customers may receive more or less than this amount, depending on how much natural gas they used during the past year,” he said. “For most customers, this refund will appear in the form of a credit applied to the gas portion of their March or April bills.”

The refund plan was filed in November to reflect revenues returned to the utility from natural gas pipeline firms outside California that deliver gas that SDG&E; buys for its customers, Felsinger said.


It represents the largest refund for SDG&E; customers since 1985, he said.

Several SDG&E; filings are still pending before the PUC, including a $66-million rate decrease settlement that would lower the typical residential bill by $1.51, to $64.38, on May 1.