2 Sponsors Offer Citizenship Exam

A low-cost citizenship exam will be offered today for permanent residents who want to become naturalized citizens.

Part of a national New Citizens Project, the test is sponsored locally by the Naturalization Assistance Board and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional and is designed for residents who plan to apply for for citizenship within a year.

The test will be held at the offices of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional at 828 N. Bristol St., Santa Ana, beginning at 10 a.m.

The test, given in English, covers history and government and fulfills requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Those who pass it will not need to be tested in written English and citizenship during INS interviews.

The exam contains a multiple-choice section and a short writing exercise. Cost is $12 for registered clients, $16 for walk-in clients.

For information, contact Hermandad Mexicana Nacional at (714) 541-0250.

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