Elderly Man's Jailing Is Just

Brice Traynor, the 83-year-old who was sentenced to five days in jail for his "insolent conduct," has only himself to blame for his actions ("Open and Shut Contempt," March 17). It all began when he ignored a school guard who was obviously there to protect children who use the crosswalk, and thus to avoid a possible tragedy.

Traynor said: "I don't care about myself, but I was worried about her" (his wife). I doubt his sincerity. If he was not so worried about his own error in ignoring the school guard, he would have taken his fine like a man. But his ego was hurt and the outburst resulted. The judge was correct in upholding the dignity of the court in pronouncing the jail sentence.

Whether rich or poor, young or old, our courts must be respected. Being cantankerous is not a way of showing respect or commanding it.

Ray J. Lepire, Ventura

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