Rap Singer Indicted in Conspiracy to Rob Bank

<i> Associated Press</i>

A San Francisco Bay Area rap singer who taunts police in his lyrics has been indicted with two other men on charges of conspiring to rob a Fresno bank.

Andre Louis Hicks, who uses the stage name Mac Dre, was arrested March 26 after allegedly planning to rob a downtown Bank of America branch. The federal indictment, issued Thursday, said Hicks, 21, and the two other men prepared for the robbery by buying ski masks and planning details of their escape.

The three men never robbed the bank and were arrested after they left the city.

Also indicted were Jamal David Diggs, 20, and Simon Curtis Nelson, 19, of Vallejo.

Hicks has released two rap music recordings, one of which includes the song “Punk Police.”

Among the lyrics: “Punk police, what a one-track mind. Man can’t even find who’s robbing you blind. . . . So you had to blame somebody. What’s next?”