Father's Violent History Detailed at Arraignment : Slaying: Nolan Paul Jackson Sr., who is charged with killing his son during a family fight, also shot his father-in-law. Judge orders him held without bail.


The man charged in Monday's shooting death of his 18-year-old son was convicted nearly 20 years ago of shooting his father-in-law in the back.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Kerry Wells said Thursday that Nolan Paul Jackson Sr. was convicted in Riverside County of shooting his wife's father in 1974.

Although the man survived, Wells said that Jackson's history of violence culminated in Monday's early-morning attack on his immediate family.

Appearing in court Thursday for the first time since turning himself in to mental health officials Tuesday, Jackson, 37, quietly hung his head for most of the discussion.

"The defendant shot his son twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach," Wells said. "He killed his son."

During an arraignment hearing, Wells described to Municipal Judge Harvey Hiber how the violence escalated.

"In violation of a restraining order, this defendant forced himself into his estranged wife's house" and immediately began to beat her with a pistol he was carrying, Wells said.

During the altercation, Beverly Jackson broke free and tried to call 911, but her husband yanked the phone away and continued the beating, Wells said.

As the couple's elder son tried to intervene, he was shot twice, according to investigators. Nolan Paul Jackson Jr. died at the family's house on Thorn Street in City Heights.

But, even after the shooting, Jackson continued to attack his wife, chasing her to the front yard, where the beating continued, Wells said. Jackson left only after the youngest child, 13-year-old Jeremiah, fired at the gunman with his own BB gun, the prosecutor said.

"This is obviously extremely violent conduct against every member of the household," Wells told the judge.

Wells said Jackson was retaliating against his wife for filing divorce papers and refusing to drop the matter.

"I think he's an extremely dangerous man," she said after the arraignment.

After Jackson pleaded not guilty Thursday to several felony charges related to the attack, Hiber ordered him held without bail.

A spokesman for the family, Sylvester Johnson, who said he is Beverly Jackson's brother-in-law, urged the judge not to set bail. Johnson said the accused man had a history of drug abuse.

"He used to drive a bus, but he was terminated for dirty drug tests for rock cocaine and alcohol," he said.

Another man, Parnell Lovelace, read a prepared statement from the family, which also urged no bail because previous legal actions "have failed to protect us."

In addition to murder, Jackson is charged with spousal abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

Attorneys will discuss Jackson's bail status at a hearing May 12. A preliminary hearing was also set for May 21.

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