Pair Involved in Attack Ordered to Help AIDS Victims : Courts: One of their victims was a Van Nuys woman who had come to the aid of the man they pleaded guilty to beating.


Two men who beat a gay West Hollywood man with a beer bottle, then punched and kicked a Van Nuys woman who tried to help him, will each spend 250 hours helping AIDS victims, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen Czuleger ruled Tuesday that Albert Lattimer, 19, and Charles Pierson, 20, both of Los Angeles, will also pay the medical bills of their victims, Deputy Dist. Atty. Lisa Kahn said.

Czuleger also sentenced Lattimer to 180 days in jail, but ordered Pierson's release because he has already been in custody 55 days, the prosecutor said.

It was not clear exactly how the two men would fulfill their obligation to assist AIDS victims, Kahn said. "Part of their punishment . . . is to increase their awareness and increase their sensitivity to other members in the community," she said.

The two pleaded guilty to committing a hate crime in the March 1 beating of the 29-year-old man as he walked through West Hollywood Park.

After yelling homosexual slurs at the man, Lattimer and Pierson hit him in the face, stomach and arms, using their fists and a quart-size beer bottle, Kahn said.

The 34-year-old Van Nuys woman was patrolling the park as part of an organization that tries to discourage gay-bashing in West Hollywood.

"She was walking through the park and she sees the beating and starts yelling and trying to be of assistance," Kahn said. "They turned on her and punched her several times."

Companions of the attackers pulled them away, Kahn said, and the victims went to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station to report the attack.

Neither required hospitalization, although the woman was later treated by a doctor and chiropractor, Kahn said.

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