They Have No Trouble Condemning Scott for Opinions on Riot

Please note this correction to the report in the May 3 sports section. The Kentucky Derby issue of the Daily Racing Form was printed and distributed in full last week during the Los Angeles riots.

As it happened, principal production of the Derby edition was scheduled for last Thursday, April 30, during the crescendo of the riots.

We stayed in our Koreatown location at 3rd and Vermont as long as we could. But by 4 p.m., the smoke was too thick and the danger too imminent. And in one of the few times in our 98 years as a publication, the Daily Racing Form shut down in the middle of a print run.

But we were back early on Friday, and the Derby edition came off the presses at 3 p.m. Although some distributors chose not to make deliveries into the hardest-hit areas, many locations in L.A. did indeed receive their Saturday editions.

PAIGE BEAVER, Circulation

The Daily Racing Form

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